What should be paid attention to when buying sea view room

What are the precautions for the decoration of the sea view room

First of all, it depends on the developer of your house. If the quality of the house built is good, you don’t need to consider too many problems. If the price of the house is low and the construction quality of the developer is not good, you need to consider the moisture-proof problem of decoration more fully.

1: The sea water at the seaside is particularly corrosive. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid using iron decoration materials, which are easy to rust. Stainless steel materials should be used as much as possible when making water and electricity renovation. For example, all copper and all stainless steel components of brand manufacturers shall be selected for water and electricity accessories. The wall socket cassette made of high-density plastic is preferred. The shower faucet can be made of all steel.

2: Generally, tile paving in the decoration process can not be avoided. When laying bricks in the bathroom, we must look at the shelf life, and the cement within the shelf life should also look at whether there is caking. If caking, do not use it, which will affect the paving effect and is not firm.

3: Ground material
You had better not use solid wood floor or bamboo wood floor in large area, deformation probability is very large. Solid wood composite flooring is more stable than solid wood flooring. If you particularly like solid wood flooring, you need to fully seal the paint to prevent moisture from entering, mildew and deformation, and lay a moisture-proof film under the floor to the same height as the skirting line; If the ground is paved with floor tiles, damp proof measures shall also be taken for the base course under the floor tiles. The biggest problem at the seaside is humidity. If smooth tiles fall down very much, try to use rough surface to prevent slipping.

4: Wall materials
It is best not to use wallpaper in a large area, which is easy to mold and bulge.

5: Top ceiling material: the gypsum board must be waterproof.

6: The doors and windows should be windproof, waterproof, shockproof and sound insulation. Our glass was broken by typhoons in Sanya.

7: If you don’t live for a long time, you’d better have the refrigerator powered on all the year round. Your parents didn’t power on the refrigerator for half a year, and they came back half a year later with a pungent smell. As for the furniture, the most important thing is to like it and take care of it conveniently.

How to choose a suitable sea view room?

  1. The sea view room should not be too close to the sea, otherwise the salt in the sea breeze is too heavy, which is very corrosive to the furniture.
  2. If you live for a long time, the house is still a little far away from the sea. Otherwise, there will be a damp feeling in rainy days or when the waves are big.
  3. For houses too close to the sea, the appearance of the houses is easy to be weathered (faded), and the iron objects are easy to rust, so the subsequent property maintenance requirements are strict.

The importance of house type selection of sea view house

  1. General view of the living room: the living room of a good house type should be spacious, bright, ventilated, with a good orientation and vision, and of appropriate size. Too big is easy to appear empty, too small is easy to appear crowded and stingy.
  2. Bedroom orientation: the master bedroom should have a good orientation, easy ventilation and lighting, the best area should be more than 12 square meters, and the width should not be less than 3 meters. The master bedroom of a large house type shall be equipped with a dedicated bathroom. If only one toilet is set indoors, the toilet shall be placed near the master bedroom. The area of the secondary bedroom should be more than 10 square meters.
  3. Location of dining room and kitchen: the dining room and living room should be relatively independent, both related and separated. If the restaurant is designed independently, the layout should be square and upright. It is better not to have missing corners or protruding corners. The net width should not be less than 24 meters.

Precautions during decoration

  1. Don’t make or buy any wooden wardrobes, just buy a few canvas portable wardrobes, which are both economical and moisture-proof. The key here is to purchase a number of vacuum moisture-proof bags. When people can’t live, wash and dry all clothes and put them into vacuum bags for vacuum storage.
  2. There are only high-grade aluminum alloy windows for moisture-proof and corrosion-resistant windows. Aluminum alloy can protect the interior after being corroded and oxidized, so as to prolong the service life. If double-layer insulating glass can be used, try to use double-layer insulating glass.
  3. When selecting materials, materials that can withstand moisture and corrosion shall be selected. Colored cement paving is the best choice. Colored cement can be achieved by adding pigments when cement is mixed.

How to purchase high-quality houses

  1. Ensure that there is landscape outside the window: only when you can enjoy the beautiful scenery outside the window in your spare time can you better improve your living comfort.
  2. Ensure the convenience of life: whether the supporting facilities of the community are complete and whether the contact with the outside world is smooth.
  3. Ensure the safety of residence: for ordinary home buyers, the security system of the community is also a necessary consideration.
  4. Ensure the freshness of the air: in terms of air quality, the high-rise air is not as good as expected, especially over 30 meters.